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MMIW Awareness: 

  • To ensure that MMIW are remembered, be mindful of the families that have worked diligently to get this day recognized. To do this, wear red, host a candlelight vigil in your community, or a prayer circle.
  • Use your voice – Share your stories, pictures, videos, and other things with each other. We can help keep the MMIW movement going strong. Speak to your friends and consider using social media as an outlet to remember MMIW and to keep the movement going.

Presenting our Beaded Necklace
: A Tribute to MMIW and Indigenous Resilience.

Elevate your style with a purposeful touch through our Beaded Necklace, featuring a pendant that embodies the strength and resilience of Indigenous communities, particularly the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW).

The pendant, intricately beaded, portrays a powerful image of an Indigenous girl—a reminder of the countless MMIW whose stories deserve justice and remembrance. The beads are more than artistic elements; they're the threads of memory, each one representing a prayer, a hope, and a call for awareness.

Wearing this necklace is an act of solidarity, a declaration that you stand with those whose voices have been silenced. The pendant encapsulates the undying spirit of Indigenous women, a symbol of courage and a plea for change. As the beads intertwine, they weave a narrative of remembrance, resilience, and the fight for justice.

Whether worn to spark conversations or as a personal reminder of the ongoing struggle, this Beaded Necklace serves as a tribute to MMIW and a commitment to supporting Indigenous rights. Let it be a beacon of awareness, igniting conversations about the systemic issues faced by Indigenous communities while celebrating the enduring strength that fuels their journey.

Main Material: Czech Glass Beads

Elevate your style with one of our beautiful bead necklaces today!


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Jongsky Almoguerra
Very cool design, thank you!

I’m so pleased with this beautiful piece of art. Quality is A+, the description and the item are on point, and my expectations were beyond met. Thank you

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