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MMIW Awareness: 

  • To ensure that MMIW are remembered, be mindful of the families that have worked diligently to get this day recognized. To do this, wear red, host a candlelight vigil in your community, or a prayer circle.
  • Use your voice ‚Äď Share your stories, pictures, videos, and other things with each other. We can help keep the MMIW movement going strong. Speak to your friends and consider using social media as an outlet to remember MMIW and to keep the movement going.


Introducing our exquisite Beaded Necklace featuring a captivating centerpiece in the form of a Beaded Patch, meticulously designed with reverence for Native American culture. This necklace beautifully marries the timeless elegance of a beaded accessory with the profound symbolism of Indigenous craftsmanship.

The Beaded Patch at the heart of the necklace is a true work of art, handcrafted with precision and adorned with intricate patterns that reflect the stories and heritage of Indigenous communities. Each bead is carefully chosen and threaded to create a visual tapestry that speaks of unity, spirituality, and cultural significance.

Wearing this Beaded Necklace is not merely an aesthetic choice; it's an expression of respect for the legacy and creativity of Native American traditions. As you adorn yourself with this unique piece, you carry with you the narratives of generations past, woven into every bead. It's a statement of cultural appreciation, a tribute to the resilience of Indigenous peoples, and a celebration of diversity.

This necklace serves as a tangible connection to the rich heritage it represents. Whether worn during special occasions or as an everyday accessory, it serves as a bridge between cultures, allowing you to honor the past while embracing the present. With every glance, you're reminded of the beauty of tradition and the enduring spirit of Native American artistry.

Wearing Patch is a way to add pops of color to your everyday outfits. These beaded patch can easily create beautiful decorations. Discover how to wear a patch for different occasions as put it on your shirt, hat, pendant,...or any place that you think it's beautiful.


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Bhabes Mo Pala

Got my beautiful necklace! Save the Native American girls!!!!!

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