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Wearing Patch is a way to add pops of color to your everyday outfits. These beaded patches effortlessly bestow exquisite embellishments, offering a gateway to a world of aesthetic possibilities. Uncover the myriad ways to adorn a patch for diverse occasions, whether adorning your shirt, hat, pendant, or any location that resonates with its aesthetic allure.

Material: Seed beads are sewn onto a leather pad to create beautiful patterns, which can then be sewn or glued onto your craft project.

Size: 2.4 - 3.2 in (6 - 8 cm)

This beaded patch, inspired by Native American design motifs, showcases a harmonious blend of vibrant colors and intricate patterns. The rich tones and bold primary hues pay homage to the natural landscapes that have shaped the lives and spirituality of indigenous communities.

The beads, carefully chosen for their brilliance and symbolism, are meticulously hand-stitched to form an intricate geometric pattern that holds deep spiritual significance.

The beading technique itself is an art passed down through generations, a skill that weaves together past, present, and future. Delicate and deliberate, each patch represents of Native American culture. As the light dances across the beads, it evokes a sense of movement and life—a testament to the enduring spirit of Native peoples.

This beaded patch is more than an accessory, it's a story woven with care and respect for tradition. As you hold it in your hand, you hold a piece of history and a glimpse into the artistic expression of a resilient culture. Whether displayed proudly on regalia, clothing, or sacred items, this beaded patch serves as a reminder of the beauty and depth of Native American culture.

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Kiara Montemayor

I bought the beaded medallion and attached it to my name tag clip. I wear it every day at work. It has brought wonderful comments and discussions. I have referred several friends to your website and shop to order thier own.

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